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    Sara Sweidan - Онлайн магазин за Дамски Дрехи

      /  Blog   /  Business Lady Awards 2020

    The most successful ladies in Bulgaria received recognition for their achievements during the 9th edition of the Annual Business Lady Awards on 2nd July 2020. For the ninth consecutive year Business Lady Club and magazine awarded the Bulgarian Business Lady with the greatest contribution in different categories. The event was held yesterday, 1st July, at Inter Expo Center, which gathered business people, politicians, artists and friends of the magazine. The organizers had selected 28 categories of the public life, business and media with more than 70 nominations as 29 ladies received the award. In the category SUCCESSFUL MANAGEMENT, the award went to Petya Vladimirova, Director of Central Departments at Kaufland Bulgaria. The General Manager of the Center for Technology and Innovation Angelina Djadjeva received an award in INNOVATIVE MANAGEMENT. In the category SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, the prize went to Valentina Bozheva, Vice President of Fantastico. Among the winning ladies was also Bilyana Hristova, Director of Marketing and Advertising at Credissimo, who received an award in the category of CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE MARKETING APPROACHES. Ivanka Cholakova, Manager at the First Bosch Engineering Center in Sofia, won a prize in the TECHNOLOGIES AND INNOVATION category. In the key HUMAN RESOURCES sector, the award was bestowed to Milena Karailieva, Human Resources Director at Kaufland Bulgaria. In the HEALTHCARE sector, the award went to Vili Peeva-Papadopoulou, Administrative Director of Aphrodite Medical Center, which represents the Future Health tissue bank for Bulgaria. Arch. Vessela Miryanova, Executive Director of ARTEX ENGINEERING JSC was once again awarded in the category for CONSTRUCTION AND ARCHITECTURE. In the INSURANCE category, the prize went to Daniela Badaluta, CEO and Owner of RECREX. Dessislava Peteva, Manager of FOOD ARENA received an award in the ENTREPRENEURSHIP sector. In CONSULTANCY SERVICES this year was awarded lawyer Bilyana Toncheva, Manager of Eco Globe LTD. Stanislava Pavlova, Owner and Manager of SENSE Corporation LTD received two awards – in the category of INNOVATIONS IN DERMATOLOGY AND AESTHETICS and in INTRODUCTION OF A NEW PRODUCT. The Director of Marketing and Advertising of Fantastico Miroslava Georgieva won a prize in the CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY category. In MANAGEMENT AND OPTIMIZATION OF PROCESSES, the award was presented to Vaska Baklarova, CEO and General Manager of Viomoda LTD. Violeta Borissova, Founder and Owner of one of the most established fashion brands in Bulgaria, Lucy Fashion, received an award in the TRADEMARK IMPOSITION category. Antoaneta Antova-Georgieva, Manager of the First Bosch Engineering Center in Sofia, won a prize in the QUALITY IMPROVEMENT category. The award in the MEDIA sector this year was given to Daniela Trencheva, a TV journalist from NOVA TV, and Yordana Dimitrova – Manager of ARCADA Stroy Invest LTD received an award for BUSINESS STYLE AND ETIQUETTE. The Executive Director of the Academy of Excellence Victoria Stoyanova was awarded for EDUCATION, INNOVATIVE FORMS OF PERSONAL IMPROVEMENT AND BOOK PUBLISHING. Boryana Murgina, Owner of Club and Speech Therapy and Training Center “Winnie the Pooh” received a prize for SOCIAL ACTIVITY. The managing partners of one of the newest and at the same time innovative centers for health and beauty Wellness Studio Figura Spool Dobromira Manassieva and Miroslava Syarova won a prize in the START UP category. Ani Hira, Founder and Owner of HUGAH BG, was awarded as LEADER OF CHANGE. And for PERSON INSPIRATION for 2019 was announced Ivanka Shalapatova, Executive Director of the Foundation for Our Children. Venera Hassanova, Founder of Mental Arithmetic of Europe received a prize in the category of INFORMAL EDUCATION. Gena Sabeva, President of the Business Lady Club Women’s Entrepreneurship, received an award for OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF WOMEN’S ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Mila Zaharieva, President of Business Lady Club Exclusive grabbed the prize for OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF BUSINESS LADY CLUB, and Devora Dimitrova, President of Business Lady Club Startup, was awarded for DEVELOPMENT AND ADDED VALUE TO THE BUSINESS LADY COMMUNITY.

    Among the special guests of the event were Dr. Lozana Vassileva, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry; Zornitsa Roussinova, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policy; Tsvetan Simeonov, Chairman of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Krassimir Dachev, Member of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Alexander Georgiev, Executive Director of the Fund of Funds; Boyko Takov, Executive Director of the Executive Agency for Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises; Georgi Ruichev, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Forum of Business Leaders, and many others who presented the awards to the distinguished ladies. Hosts of the event were the actors Yavor Ralinov and Iliya Georgiev, and the charming ladies from the HYPNOTIC trio took care of the good mood of the guests. All guests received a compliment from Queisser Pharma – a Doppelherz set with Hyaluronic acid and Doppelherz Collagen Beauty, and each awarded lady received a gift set with products from a specially selected collection from Skincode – a Swiss luxury cosmetic series designed to meet the specific needs of mature skin. Three special awards were presented by the partner of Business Lady – Sassa Björg, a Bulgarian line for boutique lady’s fashion, whereas New Bloom Winery took care of the smiles of the guests, which provided the phenomenal wines for the festive evening. The awards aim to give publicity to successful management models, effective business practices and adequate development of human capital, thus encouraging women’s entrepreneurship among the Bulgarian public. The awards of Business Lady Magazine are a continuation of the main mission of the edition – to support the positions of women in society, giving publicity to their professional successes, qualities and achievements.

    „Sara Sweidan“ е модна марка основана през 2017 г. от Сара Суйдан. Тя е дизайнер, вдъхновена от модните тенденции и от страстта си към пазаруването. Решава да създаде марката си паралелно с отварянето на най-луксозното Шивашко Ателие в България, намиращо се в гр.София, МОЛ „Paradise Center“.

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